I needed front bearings, front pads and front rotors. I called a few of the well-known, award-winning auto mechanic shops in the area to get quotes. One award-winning place quoted me $2150 (before tax) for the job. What award did they win? Highest prices ever? Best highway robbers? I have no idea.

I then called Cory’s car care (a co-worker referred me to them) and their quote? $641 including tax. Needless to say, I went with Cory’s. Now, Cory’s shop is not as fancy as, say, the dealership or some of the award-winning shops in the area. And they don’t advertise (they don’t need to; they get all the business they need from referrals).

Cory’s shop did everything I asked. They worked quickly. They charged $39 for a synthetic oil change (2007 Ford Explorer). This same oil change at the award-winning shop was well over $70. They showed me the damaged rotor that they replaced. Now my truck is running perfectly. The sound from the damaged rotor is gone. The sound from the left front bearing is gone. Everything is perfect and I’m not broke.

I know EXACTLY where I’m going for my automotive repair needs from now on. Thanks Cory!